Prague Weekend Trip

Went to visit Wally in Prague to celebrate his bday last weekend. It was crazy! Great food, great beers, and great bars/clubs all weekend long. For food we had the fried cheese, pickled cheese, czech goulash, and svickova… and for the beers, I think we pretty much tried them all. The city is so cheap! A beer costs about 1-1.50€ in every bar. We took the Sandemans walking tour in afternoon, and the city is so beautiful, but for a very disturbing reason. It wasn’t bombed in WWII because it was Hitler’s favorite city, and he even maintained the Jewish Quarter perfectly because he wanted to turn it into a museum of the extinct race. He was one crazy bastard… Anyways, beautiful city, and they even have the largest castle in the world. Awesome awesome weekend with the guys.

– Eric