Budapest Weekend Trip

As usual, we started the trip with the free walking tour to get a good short intro to the city. We saw pretty much all of the Pest side of the city, and ended up at Parliament, which is definitely most intrinsic and beautiful building in town. Afterwards, we had some great hungarian food and took off on a night boat ride on the river. After a couple drinks, the tour ended, and we headed back to the apartment that we rented. Then we went to one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to: Szimpla Kert. It is one of the “Ruin Bars” of Budapest. These bars are built in the old Jewish quarter in the ruins of abandoned buildings. The neighborhood was left to decay after WWII, so it was a perfect place to develop an underground bar scene.

The next day we headed over to the other part of the city across of the river, Buda. There we climbed our way up to the top of the hill, saw the castle, cathedral, and the fisherman’s bastion. After that, we headed over to the Gellért Baths & Spa. It is full of thermal waters from Buda’s mineral hot springs. The 35 °C water contains calcium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate, alkalis, chloride, sulfate and fluoride. There were also  saunas, plunge pools (ice cold water), steam rooms, a wave pool, and an effervescent swimming pool. It is possibly the most relaxing 4 hrs of my life! Later that night we went to another popular Ruin Bar called Instant. A lot of fun as well, although my favorite was the other one. After just those 2 nights, I can tell Budapest has an amazing nightlife. Our last day we just went to the Heroe’s monument, walked around the park, and also went in the Contemporary Art Museum. Great weekend trip with the gang!