Fruhlingsfest Fireworks

For the last weekend of Fruhlingsfest, the “little Oktoberfest”, they had a firework display with music. I was all set up to get the famous ferris wheel in the picture with fireworks, but they turned off the lights right before they started, so i had to run and find a better spot! Managed to get a couple good ones though.



Dandelion macros

Decided to play around in the backyard and took some macros of the dandelions. It’s hard having to shoot with the aperture totally closed (because of the extension rings), so I had to shoot at iso 800 and 1/50… but they turned out pretty good.


Chiapas: San Cristobal de las Casas

On my semester break I was able to go back home to spend time with my family. We went on an amazing trip to the southern mexican state of Chiapas. We were only there for 6 days, but we took advantage of everyday we were there. For the first half of the trip we stayed in San Cristobal de las Casas and visited el Cañon del Sumidero, Chiapa de Corzo, Los Lagos de Montebello, Chamula, and Zinacantan. Here are some pictures from that part of the trip.


The Endless Spiral Staircase

The subway line I usually take home was being repaired, so I had to take a bus route I had never been on. I randomly stumbled upon this crazy staircase in the middle of the courtyard of the KPMG building, and returned later with my camera. I wish they would let people go up it! Germany and all their rules spoiling the fun as usual.


On Top of the Tower: Munich

After studying all day for final exams, a buddy and I decided to go to the top of the tower in Marienplatz for the sunset. They charge 1 euro to go up, and it’s definitely the best view in town. Beware, it gets pretty crowded up there!







Tokina 11-16 f2.8

This past week I broke in my new lens, the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. I always wanted a wide angle, and so far I’m really happy with it. I loved using my fisheye, but I needed something that didn’t distort, so this was perfect. It’s only for cropped sensor, but don’t think I’ll be upgrading to an FX anytime soon. Anyways, here are a couple pictures from this week.


Friends visiting in Munich

So a couple friends of mine from Mexico came and visited during the holidays and I showed them around the city. Here are just a couple pictures from their visit. I think my favorite has to be the one of the Antiquarium in the Residenz museum. It took a while to get this picture without a bunch of people walking through it, but patience paid off and I finally managed to get a good one! I also loved the one of my friends kissing in while going down the escalators to the subway 🙂 .


The Medieval Town of Rothenburg

Just like Füssen, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is another city on the famous “Romantic Road” which goes through a bunch of towns and castles throughout the southern part of Germany. Naming this route the “Romantic Road” was probably just a scheme thought up by travel agencies, but so far the two cities I’ve seen on it have not let me down.

Rothenburg is an amazing medieval city which was founded in 950. It is so well preserved, even though it was actually bombed heavily during WWII. I was very afraid it was just going to be a tourist trap, but it was so great. We had to fight against hordes of tourists since it was high season, but it was worth it. Everywhere you looked was elaborately decorated for Christmas, and the Glühwein was only 2 euros at the Christmas Market! At night we took the “Night Watchman” walking tour of the city which started at 8pm. Also make sure to walk around the town wall and to go up the tower at the Rathaus to get a great scenic view of the city. It was a great weekend trip and I highly recommend it, especially during the Christmas season!


Skiing the German Alps

A couple friends and I decided we wanted to go skiing, and after a lot of investigation we decided to try going to Garmisch Classic. This ski resort hosted the 1978 & 2011 world championships and the 1936 Winter Olympics. My friends convinced me to try snowboarding for the first time, and I’m glad they did! I took a 4 hr class the first day there, and after that I kept going on my own. The second day was tough, and I couldn’t get a hang of it. I almost gave up, but I decided to take the ski lift up and force myself to learn. By the end of that day I could do the blue routes without falling… too much haha. We were there for a total of 4 days, but only 3 days at the ski resort. Such a great trip!


Füssen and the Neuschwanstein castle

Last weekend I planned a trip to the city of Füssen which is about a 45 min hike to the world famous Neuschwanstein castle. We got there Sunday morning and walked around  town for a couple hours until we came across a park with great snow to make a snowman!

The next day we woke up early, grabbed breakfast at the local bakery, and started our short hike to the castle. We booked our tickets a couple days before, so we knew we had to be at the ticket center by 11am in order to take the castle tour.

This was my second time visiting this castle (last time was 2 years ago on my summer trip around Europe), but I’m so glad I got to experience it with snow everywhere!


Marienplatz and the BMW museum

Last week we went downtown to Marienplatz and it was so crowded! So many tourists checking out the Christmas Market in the city center, but I managed to find a spot where I could get the Rathaus, Christmas tree, and Frauenkirche in the same picture. Later on we went to check out BMW welt. Engineer porn everywhere! haha. After leaving the museum, the sunset was sooo great over Olympiapark.


TUM Field Trip: Walchensee & Füssen

For our Continuum Mechanics class, the university organized a field trip to see the Walchensee hydroelectric power plant and afterwards the canopy walkway about 5 minutes from Füssen. We got a great tour of the power plant which has a total output of 124 MW, and afterwards we got a presentation of how vibrations are damped on the suspended bridge.



Last weekend we went to Tegernsee, a lake about 45 min south of Munich. When we got there we went to a bakery and a cheese shop and gathered supplies for our picnic. We set up shop at a table right next to the lake and enjoyed the scenic views for a couple hours. Afterwards we rented an electric boat for 14 euros/hr and wandered around the lake. It’s definitely a great day trip for anyone in the Munich area!