Winter Escape to Puerto Vallarta

I was lucky enough to escape some of the winter cold of Germany and head to Mexico for Christmas and New Years to visit my family and friends. I was mostly at home in Queretaro, but we spent a week at our favorite beach, Puerto Vallarta. I just got back to Germany today, and I already miss everyone back home…



Vallartazo: the ultimate ATV adventure!

The Vallartazo is an annual event where more than 2000 ATVs go from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta through the mountains throughout the month of September. I went last weekend and my dad was the leader of our group of 18 ATVs. The route is about 400 kms long and takes two full days to make it to Vallarta. It was one crazy adventure!


A few more from Vallarta

Here are a couple more that were taken while we were at Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, and Sayulita. We also took an afternoon trip to las islas Marietas, which is an ecological reserve. Back in the day, the Mexican military would use the islands to test many bombings and large explosions. This is why the islands have so many awesome caves and rock formations. It is also home to the famous blue-footed Booby (see picture).


A couple weeks in Puerto Vallarta

This past month has been hectic. It’s been a lot of fun, but now I’m looking forward to just chilling at home haha. 2 weeks in Vallarta, 1 week here in Queretaro, and the last week in Oaxaca. Here are a couple of the pictures taken in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta (both in Banderas Bay).


The beach and jungle adventures: Puerto Vallarta

After not seeing my family for 3 months, I went to Puerto Vallarta to see them. The most exciting event of the week was our 4wheeler excursion. My dad, equipped with his off road GPS, brought two of our Can-Am ATVs and we went on a 7 hour adventure through the jungle to reach San Sebastian. Its a small mining town that was founded in 1605, and we just stopped to have lunch. After having a chile relleno, enchiladas, and sopes, we started our journey back through the mountains. Half-way back we found a Polaris RZR stuck in a ditch and decided to help them out. We managed to pull it out with the help of both of our ATVs, and then we kept on our way. I can’t thank my dad enough for such an unforgettable ride!

The rest of the week we mostly relaxed on the beach, drank beer and ate a bunch of delicious food! This obviously included eating at our favorite places, Mariscos El Coleguita and La Luna! It was such a great week. Today is my Dad’s Birthday, and I wish I could be there to celebrate it with him, but I’ll see them again in a couple weeks for Jazz Fest!