Prague Weekend Trip

Went to visit Wally in Prague to celebrate his bday last weekend. It was crazy! Great food, great beers, and great bars/clubs all weekend long. For food we had the fried cheese, pickled cheese, czech goulash, and svickova… and for the beers, I think we pretty much tried them all. The city is so cheap! A beer costs about 1-1.50€ in every bar. We took the Sandemans walking tour in afternoon, and the city is so beautiful, but for a very disturbing reason. It wasn’t bombed in WWII because it was Hitler’s favorite city, and he even maintained the Jewish Quarter perfectly because he wanted to turn it into a museum of the extinct race. He was one crazy bastard… Anyways, beautiful city, and they even have the largest castle in the world. Awesome awesome weekend with the guys.

– Eric

Prague – Weekend Trip

Haley and I took a weekend trip to Prague and stayed with our friends Hector and Meagan. We went to the Hemingway bar (for some amazing Absinthe & Cuban cigars), Usudu (awesome bar), the Ice Pub, U Parlamentu (the best Czech food), and the Strahov Monastery restaurant for the best beer. We saw most of the city’s highlights such at the Tower in the main Plaza, the Castle, Charle’s Bridge, and the amazing view from the Metronome.