Prague – Weekend Trip

Haley and I took a weekend trip to Prague and stayed with our friends Hector and Meagan. We went to the Hemingway bar (for some amazing Absinthe & Cuban cigars), Usudu (awesome bar), the Ice Pub, U Parlamentu (the best Czech food), and the Strahov Monastery restaurant for the best beer. We saw most of the city’s highlights such at the Tower in the main Plaza, the Castle, Charle’s Bridge, and the amazing view from the Metronome.



Surfing the Eisbach River

There are various location to surf at here in Munich, but since Ricardo and I are only beginners, we tried the spot down river from the more popular surfing area on the eisbach. You kind of have to leap from the edge to make it to the wave, but it is excellent for learning. It was waaaay to freaking cold though, even with a wetsuit and shoes! I think I’m just going to wait for summer to come again.