The Medieval Town of Rothenburg

Just like Füssen, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is another city on the famous “Romantic Road” which goes through a bunch of towns and castles throughout the southern part of Germany. Naming this route the “Romantic Road” was probably just a scheme thought up by travel agencies, but so far the two cities I’ve seen on it have not let me down.

Rothenburg is an amazing medieval city which was founded in 950. It is so well preserved, even though it was actually bombed heavily during WWII. I was very afraid it was just going to be a tourist trap, but it was so great. We had to fight against hordes of tourists since it was high season, but it was worth it. Everywhere you looked was elaborately decorated for Christmas, and the Glühwein was only 2 euros at the Christmas Market! At night we took the “Night Watchman” walking tour of the city which started at 8pm. Also make sure to walk around the town wall and to go up the tower at the Rathaus to get a great scenic view of the city. It was a great weekend trip and I highly recommend it, especially during the Christmas season!



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