Vallartazo: the ultimate ATV adventure!

The Vallartazo is an annual event where more than 2000 ATVs go from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta through the mountains throughout the month of September. I went last weekend and my dad was the leader of our group of 18 ATVs. The route is about 400 kms long and takes two full days to make it to Vallarta. It was one crazy adventure!



3 thoughts on “Vallartazo: the ultimate ATV adventure!

  1. Hi Eric!

    Did you guys use your own atv’s? What did you have to do for insurance and did you ship them down or drive them yourself? I would love to do the Vallartazo but don’t know who to contact to get this info. I am in Vancouver, BC Canada

    • Hi fernando! My dad was the guide, and it was just a bunch of his friends from work. Sorry I can’t give you any tips on where to find other guides though. We live in a city that is like 4 hours from Guadalajara, so we had them shipped there. Let me know if there is any other way i can help.

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