Vital Farms

Nowadays the agricultural sector has become dominated by large-scale companies where chickens are mass-produced and treated inhumanely. Yesterday I saw the brighter side of the poultry business when we went on a shoot to Vital Farms’ chicken pastures. I had never been on a chicken farm before, but you could definitely tell that the hens there are extremely pampered!

We spent a couple hours walking around the farm and taking pictures. Afterwards, they gave me a dozen of their pasture-raised, organic eggs to take home, and today I had a couple for breakfast. Wow, what a difference! SO TASTY!!

Lesson learned: Compose the photo, then wait for the right moment. The hens would move so fast that it would be hard to get a good picture. Once I learned to set up the picture and then wait for the right time to trigger the camera, everything went a lot more smoothly.



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