SXSW part II

The first part of SXSW may have been about finding parties with free food or free drinks, but the second part was all about live music. I’m still amazed at all the bands I managed to see, and for free!

Thursday might have been the most intense. It was the first day of free music at Auditorium Shores, and we got to see Bajofondo, Molotov, and Cafe Tacuba. These are bands that I’ve been listening to since middle school, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. I spent most of the night in the mosh pit, which was so much fun. It was a privilege to see them live once again.

We also managed to catch Alt-J on Friday at Waterloo records. The way they combine their voices… wow… they sound just like their album! Later that afternoon, after waiting in line for a good while, we got into Pandora’s Den to see Third Eye Blind. Seeing “Jumper” live is one of my fondest memories of the week.

On Saturday, we decided to line up really early for the Red Bull event to see The Smashing Pumpkins, but to our surprise we weren’t as early as we thought we were. 4 hours before the doors opened, and the line was already 3 blocks long. Once we made it to the entrance after waiting for hours, there were only 20 wristbands left. We barely made it in. When they came on stage, they blew us all away. Plus, it was Billy Corgan’s B-day, so I feel like he gave it his all.



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