SXSW part I

I had spent weeks preparing for this festival and it definitely didn’t disappoint. 10 days of absolute madness, and I managed to catch pretty much every band that I intended on seeing that week… and FOR FREE. Yup. After making sure I had RSVP’d to everything that was deserving, I would leave my apartment with a list of concerts/events that would have either free food, free drinks, or incredible music…

For SXSW, you must remember that if something is good and free, GET THERE EARLY. My favorite events from the first half of the week were the Patron & XX party, Lucy’s free brunch, Portugal the Man, Natalie Maines (from the Dixie Chicks) w/ Ben Harper, and Iron & Wine.  It was a great start to an unforgettable week.



3 thoughts on “SXSW part I

      • The Stylecaster and Cusp by Neiman Marcus party! There were free drinks, food and one of my favorite stle bloggers, Leandra Medine, of Man Repeller!

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