Sunset over the Capitol

After a day of being productive, Halestorm took me to one of her secret spots on top of the hospital’s parking garage. We got lucky, because that was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in Austin. These two pictures were taken only 13 minutes apart. Shows how much can change in that little time!



My First Panoramic

I had heard about this abandoned lot that was full of graffiti here in Austin called Baylor st Art Wall, and I decided to check it today. It’s certainly a hidden gem. I found this “hole” which was surrounded by graffiti, so I decided to try to create my first pano. It took a long time to process (since it had to merge 7 different HDR photos), but once it was finished, I was definitely happy with what I got.


How to have the best weekend in Austin

One of my best buddies since 5th grade came to visit me from Querétaro this past weekend. I love showing people around, and he could only stay for a couple days, so I crammed as much of Austin as I could in 4 days. It was epic. If you’re only going to be in Austin for a couple days, make sure to read this!

The first day was a typical Friday night: P. Terry’s double cheese burger with grilled onions, jalapeños, and extra special sauce. Afterwards we went barhopping to 6th st… I know we went to The Blind Pig Pub, Shakespeare’s, and the Aquarium, but I only have a couple blurred memories of that night haha.

The second day started out with rock climbing at the Greenbelt. I love Seismic wall, even if it is really crowded during the weekends. We stayed climbing for about 4 hours, then I took him to possibly my favorite place to eat in town: Gourdough’s! Donut Burgers… must I say more?

The third day I took him to have the BEST BBQ IN THE WORLD: Franklin’s. I cannot explain how good this place is. You have to wait in line for about 3-4hrs, but the brisket and ribs are worth every second of the wait. Simply AMAZING. I can’t say enough about this place… After filling our bellies,  we went paddleboarding on the lake for the first time. So much fun. We paddled all the way up to Red Bud Island in less than an hour, and it cost $15… After that we went to a friends apt complex to cook outside by the pool and watch the Superbowl.

For his last day, I took him to a sweaty yoga class that I love to go to at least once a week. When the class finished, we went on a tour through the capitol. Afterwards, to balance it all out, we went to the Ginger Man for Pint Mondays (another weekly tradition). After getting our pint glasses, we went to the Elephant Room for some great live Jazz.

Doesn’t get much better than that.