Aircraft Design Final Fly-off

In order to graduate, every UT Aerospace Engineer must pass through a class called Senior Aircraft Design. This is a project that I had been working my ass off for the past year, and yesterday was our final flyoff. This whole project is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and our teachers are ex-CIA/ex-Secretary of the Airforce… Yeea, i know, sounds fishy haha…

The mission consisted of 3 different phases: Search, Surveillance and Strike. We were to use autopilot to make our airplane pass through 5 different waypoints which would lead us to the final mission target area. After 5 minutes of surveillance, two Precision Guided Expendables (aka: bombs) were dropped on the target. We had some serious last minute problems, but we got everything to work just in time. Now all that’s left is final documentation, so I’m glad its finally all over! Go team APEX!



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