Peru: Cuzco + Machu Picchu

Sorry for disappearing for a bit, but just got back from my summer backpacking trip to Peru! Machu Picchu was unreal… I honestly thought it was going to be a tourist trap, but it definitely lived up to its fame. This was a picture of the “Plaza de Armas” in Cuzco, the stepping stone city to MP:

After a night in Cuzco, we made the long journey through the backroads of the Sacred Valley (which included a 4 hr bus ride through the mountains to Santa Maria, a 1:30 hr “taxi ride” to the hydroelectric plant, and a 15 km hike along the railroad), and finally made it to the hidden city of the Incas.

      and I obviously had to get a shot from the typical angle,

…stay tuned for the next cities!



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