My ’66 VW Dune Buggy


So the story behind this car is that my Grandpa bought it for his three sons back in 1966. My uncles and my dad used it when they all went off to Monterrey for college. After they all graduated, the poor buggy was falling apart. My mom even got to go on a drive in it when my parents were dating about 25 years ago, before they finally decided the buggy was in no condition to drive any more. I remember that every time I went to my Grandpa’s house in Cd. Valles as a child, the buggy would be in his backyard, just sitting there rotting under his mango tree.

Finally, about 2 years ago, I asked my dad if we could buy it off my Grandpa to fix it up. My parents absolutely hated the idea of letting me fix up the “pile of rotting metal”, but after convincing my dad that it would be a lot of fun to do together, we asked my Grandpa. He got so excited when he heard that we wanted to fix it up that he went right away to the backyard to see if the engine would start. After a couple of hours of trying to fix the engine, we decided to give up for the day. The gasoline tubing was full of holes, the brakes were completely rotten, and the floorboard was full of holes everywhere. We had it towed to my house, and I spent everyday of my 3-month summer vacation fixing it up, but by the end of the summer, it still wasn’t running.

There was just too much that needed to be fixed. Plus, I was an amateur mechanic, and was learning something new every day, so it was a slow process. Since I’ve been studying in Texas, I’ve only been able to work on it during vacations, but my dad has slowly been fixing it up also on his weekends. The problem with this car is that it is so old that once you fix one problem, 2 other problems show up.

3 years later, we are FINALLY DONE! Everything is working, and yesterday we finally got the windshield installed. Today I’m cleaning it all up and hopefully my dad and I can take it to San Luis Potosi next weekend to show it to my grandpa! Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees it.




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